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A Guide to Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Chicagoland

Known for its spectacular architecture and aesthetically pleasing beaches, Chicagoland is a multisensory treat for locals. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect house here or are trying to sell your property and move into a different neighborhood, the buying/selling process can be quite challenging, to say the least.

If you’re not equipped with the right resources, expertise, and guidance, you could potentially end up with low offers or invest in a property that slowly begins to manifest a ton of flaws. Luckily, choosing the right real estate agent can help familiarize you with the ins and outs of the market, so you make an informed decision that pays off in the long run.

Here are some signs you should look out for when partnering with a real estate agent in Chicagoland:

1. Experience Matters But Prioritize Core Values

Most clients tend to prioritize experience without taking the real estate agent’s core values into account. While extensive experience goes a long way in ensuring you receive expert guidance, core values like dependability, reliability, and integrity should be prioritized at all costs.

Of course, finding a real estate agent with impressive experience and strong ethics is the best-case scenario.

Ideally, we recommend partnering with a real estate agent with over ten years of experience and a passion for their craft. If you can rely on them, you’ll manage to sell your property at top dollar or buy a house at the best price without experiencing setbacks.

Look out for transparency and trustworthiness to ensure you breeze through each step of the process and receive the support you need. A friendly and honest real estate agent will go the extra mile to give the project their best!

2. Consult Other Homeowners in Chicagoland

A great way to choose the right real estate agent is by consulting friends, family members, neighbors, and reliable acquaintances in Chicagoland.

You can also check for reviews and ratings online to form a better opinion of the top real estate agents in the area. Compare agents online to narrow down your search.

3. Ask the Right Questions Beforehand

Simply asking your real estate agent about their experience isn’t enough. Ask the right questions to understand how they can assist you through the process. This will also help you gain more insight into market trends and finalize your decision accordingly.

Inquire into their specialty and strategy to determine whether they’re equipped to assist you. Ask them whether they’ve been recognized for their work over the years. With a large number of real estate agents in Chicagoland, this little trick will help you determine their standing and proceed accordingly.

We recommend collaborating with an award-winning broker who has been the recipient of prominent awards in the real estate industry, including the NSBAR Young Realtor of the Year Award, the Master Diamond Award, and the Centurion Award.

In addition, ask whether they primarily work with buyers or sellers (or both). Create a list of questions depending on your current needs. The more you can check off, the better!

4. Communicate Your Preferences and Gauge Their Response

Set clear expectations during the consultation process to ensure open communication. In addition, gauge the real estate agent’s response.

In some cases, agents tend to prioritize their personal selling/buying strategy while sidelining the requests of the client. This is a big red flag. Look out for a genuine interest in not only hearing, but also implementing your requests into the overall plan.

Flexibility and responsiveness will help you establish a strong agent-client relationship that facilitates the process and ensures the best possible outcome. If they’re closed off, unwilling to compromise, or exhibit signs of weak work ethic, you may want to continue with your search for the right real estate agent.

5. Look Out for Excellent Local Market Knowledge

Each market varies in many ways. An expert real estate agent in Chicagoland will know local market trends and fluctuations like the back of their hand.

We suggest doing a little research beforehand to develop an idea of the real estate market in Chicagoland. If they provide you with the information you were looking for, great. If they offer supplementary local market knowledge, even better.

Look out for these nuances. Ultimately, trust your gut!

If you’re ready to get started, we can help you out.

As one of the leading real estate brokers in the Chicagoland area, Erik Gimbel has over 15 years of experience and an award-winning streak. He currently closes over $20,000,000 in sales per year and has earned a stellar reputation for his work, transparency, friendliness, and passion for the real estate industry.

He treats each project as if it’s his own to ensure complete client satisfaction.

You can start your research right here! Get to know Erik a little more by browsing through his work profile.

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